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Though its only been a short while since the launch of the original 3rd Arm, we already have many exciting new products, coming to the 3rd Arm line that will further revolutionize the outdoor video industry. After visiting with literally hundreds of our customers and listening to their request, we have taken our already successful 3rd Arm Camera Support and made it even better!

One of your request was for a smaller more compact, affordable Camera Support Unit, that still maintained 3rd Arm quality. Thus the 3rd Arm Adventure Series was born! The Adventure Series is designed and constructed with the same specifications as the Pro Series but is 30% smaller in size, while still operating with a maximum camera weight of 7 pounds.

All of us at 3rd Arm are also proud to bring to you the Outback Series model, our most affordable camera support ever. The Outback series weighs in at just 3.5 pounds and can perform with a maximum camera weight of 6 pounds and comes standard with a German made camera head, right out of the box!

The 3rd Arm crew has also improved our Pro Series model, our most professional camera support unit ever made. The Pro and Pro Extreme have been reengineered for even more rock solid stability and performance. Also new to the Pro Series universal tree base is a string loop and screw in hanger which supports the 3rd Arm tree base while ratcheting the strap.

In addition, all of us at 3rd Arm are extremely excited to introduce three new products designed with smaller video cameras in mind: The 3rd Arm Mini, the Mini XL, and the 3rd Arm Crooked Stick. All three models give you rock solid performance in a light weight package, and can be folded up to fit in your back pack!

You asked, we listened! The 3rd Arm series has been tested extensively under real life hunting conditions, by veteran producers with over 30 years in the field. With their inputs and yours, we have made these improvements and additions to the 3rd Arm line of products, and have no doubt we have built the ultimate camera support system, at a price you can afford! We recommend them Proudly!

From all of us at 3rd Arm, we thank you for all of your input & support, and wish you a very successful fall season!


"Steady footage can bring a tree stand hunt to life. Don't wonder how the pro's do it. Get a 3rd Arm and shoot smooth, professional quality video too!"
Tom Miranda
Producer / Host ESPN Outdoors

"The original 3rd Arm was unbelievable! Now the new 3rd Arm Pro is even Better. It is lighter, smoother, and available in my favorite camouflage pattern. We asked for it, Scott Extreme delivered!"
Mark Scroggins
Executive Producer of The Fever and Gobblin Fever Television Shows on VERSUS

"The official camera arm of Buck Commander, We command the best, we command the 3rd Arm Tree Arm."
Buck Commander Camera Crew

"Lightweight, rock solid, quiet, smooth, and easy to use would best describe the 3rd arm. To produce quality award winning television you must first have the correct equipment. After 10 years of searching for the perfect tree arm system the journey is now complete. There is no question the manufacturing mind of the 3rd Arm comes from a hunter. Would I recommend the 3rd Arm to other producers? I would be crazy not to! Save yourself agony - start out with the best - 3rd Arm has it going on!"
Scott Anderson
President of BackLand Outdoors, Inc.
Executive Producer of BackLand Country, BackLand Experiences

"The 3rd Arm is the best camera support I've ever used. Quiet, Easy-to-use, and Rock-Solid. The 3rd Arm has all the bases covered."
Nick Hoffman
"Whitetail Freak" and Country Music Artist

"Our television show is based around the best videoed hunt submitted. Each year the teams get better and better and one thing that separates the Pro's from the amateurs is the stability of footage turned in. More and more teams are switching to 3rd arm and the results have really shown. Portability, range of motion, quiet operation and stability are all features that pay dividends to our teams and the 3rd Arm series camera supports have all that and more!"
Jeremy Leu
General Manager - Campbell Cameras
Co-Host - Campbell Outdoor Challenge

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